How To Accept Microsoft Cloud Agreement

This page was created as a support to help customers understand the changes related to the acceptance of the Microsoft Cloud agreement and the updated documentation we are asking to support this goal. A: Yes, but someone in the legal order decided that the latest changes should be more explicit than regular cloud click wrap agreements. In recent months, you may have already clicked on Microsoft`s website to confirm the MCA, but we do not have access to this information and we must independently verify and confirm your consent. A: If you have local software and are working with us to get support for SharePoint or other products, you may be exempt from this requirement to accept the MCA. These cases are very rare and we do not follow a new authorization in such cases. However, since the MCA is now woven through our business process, the adoption of this agreement may be part of an agreement of boiler panels made available to them. We believe that MCA does not apply to you if you do not buy products hosted in Microsoft Cloud, and these rules would be paralyzed. If you have serious objections to this, you should express these concerns when reviewing and negotiating the contract. On March 22, 2019, Microsoft will block the plan changes until we have announced the customer`s acceptance by MCA. This requirement exists worldwide for all Microsoft partners and customers – from direct, indirect resellers to CSPs. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to extend this time frame. So it`s very important that we now update the recordings.

A reseller in Microsoft`s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, you are responsible for reviewing Microsoft`s terms and conditions, including the acceptable use of Microsoft products and services with customers. You must confirm that your end customers have agreed to MCA`s terms. A: Starting November 7, 2018, all Microsoft cloud customers such as Office 365 and Azure will be required to certify their consent to the “Microsoft Cloud Agreement” and set the terms and conditions for accessing and using Microsoft 365 and other cloud offerings. We must obtain your approval as part of Liquid Mercury Solution`s partnership with Microsoft, the McRA (Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement). Until recently, Microsoft`s position with respect to Office 365 and Azure was that they were services – not products. Services are not taxed in many states (CT and DC are exceptions) and intergovernmental sales were not taxable. A case that went to the Supreme Court last year changes that. We are now responsible for accepting the interpretation of what is taxable, what a product or service is, and paying tax accordingly. In some countries, there is legislation that defines as-a-service software as a product subject to excise duty.