Sql Server Management Studio License Agreement

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft have been collaborating for several years, starting with aws, which launched Windows Server-based instances in 2008. AWS is a Gold Certified Member of Microsoft Partner Network and is licensed to sell Microsoft software as part of the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). AWS is also an authorized partner for licensing mobility. Over the years, AWS and Microsoft have collaborated to make Windows and the corresponding workloads available in the AWS cloud. Microsoft and AWS now have common customers who run Windows workloads on AWS, including Dole Foods, Hess Corporation and Lionsgate. In addition, AWS has released Microsoft-specific technologies that allow users to manage and optimize Windows applications in AWS, such as AWS tools for Windows PowerShell and EC2Rescue for EC2 Windows. Each Amazon EC2 unit has two terminal services for administrative purposes. This quick start is available to help you provide these licenses to your administrators. You can also use AWS Systems Manager Session Manager, which allows deletion in the ec2-instances without RDP and without RDP licenses. If additional remote shutdown service licenses are required, they must be purchased by Microsoft or a Microsoft license distributor. Remote service licenses purchased with Software Assurance have advantages for license mobility and can be transferred to standard AWS (shared) environments in customer environments.

You will find information on licensing without Insurance or License Mobility software in this section of the FAQ. A dedicated host is a physical EC2 server that is fully available to you. Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts allows you to use your vendor-authorized software licenses, including Microsoft, on Amazon EC2, to get the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of using your own licenses, but with the reliability, simplicity and elasticity of AWS. With Dedicated Hosts, you can control the placement of the instance and get an overview of the number of sockets and nuclei installed on a host. You can use these features to use your own software licenses related to virtual instances, sockets or kernels, including Windows Server, SQL Server and SUSE Enterprise Server. Yes, yes. SVVP validation does not apply to SPLA providers. SPLA customer support is provided by AWS as part of the SPLA agreement.