Student Group Work Agreement

Individual groups and moderators use these group contracts during the project. If you have problems collaborating in your projects, try them! You can really help allow students to take control of their group without needing you as a mediator so often. I always let students choose how to contact them. Sometimes students share their email address, mobile number or Snapchat name. If students are not comfortable sharing other contact information with their group, they simply say “Google Docs” where the group knows how to share its documents. This allows each student to see the group work and what he/she should work on if he or she is absent. Sometimes it`s fun to reconcile group roles with the project. For example, in our Carnival 4 a Cause project, we used Carnival Operator, philanthropist, quality control and construction workers. Then we let the groups describe what each member of the group would do based on their role. By decrying the role of each person, students get a voice on how they will approach the project. If you and your students are fasing with PBL, you can start with each group creating their own roles and responsibilities. A group may need a construction worker and another group to have a link between a community partner. Not all groups necessarily have the same needs, so you can start making those choices.

After collecting answers, inform students that the group contract is intended to avoid these problems. Once students have a manual on how team agreements are established, they can discuss what should be included. Agreements/standards are statements that help a group cooperate with respect and efficiency and know how they work in a group environment. They are so important to work effectively in a group in the professional field. Your groups in your class are no different. Throughout the year, you can submit the process of selecting their agreements by students on a scaffold. First, you may want all groups to use the same agreements as you give them. So maybe you`re doing a class about what worked during the project and didn`t work. This way, you can have a list of category agreements. However, if you and your students sit comfortably, you should conclude the specific agreements that are relevant to their individual group.