Weaver Vale Housing Trust Tenancy Agreement

Rental fraud is when a person entrusts his property, is on his application form or does not live in his house. This prevents other legitimate people from having the home they deserve on the housing list. You can report rental fraud anonymously on the form below. Joanne Watkins, a lawyer, Weaver Vale Housing Trust, said: “After completing the transfer of the City Council housing stock, we realized that we could not effectively manage the resource or provide effective services to our residents without an up-to-date and accurate mapping system. The detailed field expansions within our GIS have enabled us to achieve considerable savings through our basic maintenance contract to support our quality-price agenda. In addition, we can monitor performance with increased accuracy and assign different standards and service objectives.┬áThe future of GIS in social housing has a solid foundation and new developments such as online information portals, web-based self-service facilities and greater investment in mapping and related information resources, such as the National Land and Property Gazetteer, will support the future use of technology. Justin Chamberlin, GIS Director at Saxon Weald Homes, said: “We are now focusing on extrapolating data from our housing management system to the GIS environment. For example, we have done a lot of work on issues of backlog management, SBA, diversity, client profile and disability accommodation. This gives us a better understanding of our neighbourhood profiles and allows us to direct services where they are most needed. The notification should be written to us and will begin on the first Monday following the notification. Your rent always ends on a Monday. In accordance with the terms of your lease, we ask you to inform you of your intention to leave your home for four weeks.

Social housing providers are required to meet demanding goals on a daily basis. Occupancy, heritage income, cost control and tenant satisfaction are building blocks in achieving the government standard for decent housing and guaranteeing funding accordingly. Key problems faced by managers include changing legislation and managing a diversified and dispersed asset base, while providing professional service to tenants and partner organizations. Guarantees should not be allowed to expand beyond what is stated in your lease. Each neighbour should be responsible for the maintenance of his camp. Weaver Vale Housing Trust is a voluntary transfer housing company that was founded in July 2002 and operates in Cheshire. The Trust has more than 6,200 apartments with 7,500 tenants, a large portfolio of garages, shops and collective playgrounds with a variety of green spaces. They are an independent organization with a clear vision of their future that puts their clients at the center of everything they do.

The Trust has invested significantly in its assets, services and communities, in which it intends to commit to their sustainability as well as improving the results and life prospects of their clients. The Trust has a caring and family-friendly attitude and culture. Employees really take care of each other and help where they can, what shapes, how people act and feel about their day-to-day work. There are so many ways to get involved and make a difference for employees and customers. Each team has its own unique personality and you know what you can expect from them, with whom you talk about a topic and how to help them. There is a friendly rivalry between the office and artisan staff, at sporting events that take place all year round, as the ultimate winner! The tenant service team is happy to help you in all areas of your rental.